Bustin’ At the Store Today! 7/10/15

Come by the shop today and stand on all Bustin has to offer.  The team will be here at 5pm.  #teambustin #forallwhopushtour

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Bitter Sweet

Well balls, didn’t do as good this year as I did last year.  I did not skate yesterday.  I got so wrapped up in all the goings on at the shop, merchandising new product and all the good shop stuff.  I didn’t realize what time was until after it was too late.  I guess there is always 2015 Stoke Challenge.

For those of you still in it, get you some, post up your stories.  Until then, I will most likely be posting up on Burning Spider Stoke Company’s web page a lot more.

Stay Stoked

Stoke Challenge Day 62, 2014 Mad ups to those with kids

Day 62, 2014
So, this is an shout out to those radical peoples who are parents. I got my hour in…….and creativity was the key. Billy and Veronica went back to Spingfield for the night. For yours truly I got the opportunity to test my parenting chops.
I was left in charge of Jennica, Jerome, and Gage. It didn’t last long before the two youngest where down in the shop as I finished up sending off an order to Landyachtz. Of course this was the time I had set off to the side for my hour skate. So we skated together. Back to the dance floor with pushing back and fourth, providing words of encouragement and hinting towards progression. Mostly in the form of, “Hey how about this?” I would do my little cross step and then they would do whatever they wanted, talked, rolled, helped out in levels of Diner Dash. Granted diner dash took up a good chunk of time, but board was under foot and we got it in. Then it was up stairs to cook the kiddos some Ramen noodles, with cheerful instruction and talking back and forth with the finer art of it. They seemed to have fun.
For those patents doing it on their own. Wow! Super strong, you guys are f’ing super heroes. For the parents doing the dynamic duo action, still an amazing feat. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like I nailed it. Everyone had a good time, got fed, one is asleep already, but this is one night of everything went all right.
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Stoke Challenge Day 61, 2014 Got it in

Day 61, 2014

Today has been spent driving 152 ish miles in crappy weather.  Moving Billy and his family up to Kansas City.  Then at the end finally got to get in my hour, right at the very end.  With the crappy snowy weather out it was an inside skate day.  Worked on manuals and dance stuff, chatted up on shop goings on.  Got it in, got it done.  Had a good time.

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Stoke Challenge Day 60,2014. Got it in again

Day 60,2014
Writing this on the road. We are heading down to Springfield, Missouri to pick up the other half of Burning Spider. Mr. Billy Angus and his fantastic family.
I knew if I was going to get my skate in it was going to be earlier today, so Javid came by the shop and skate we did. I had a hunch we would be dead so we skated Wyoming next to the shop. Had a blast! The best time I’ve had skating that street yet. I was doing my 180s, and just really worked the hill. I even did some toe side 180s. Felt really good. It was like I was one step closer to skating it how I want.
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Stoke Challenge Day 59, 2014 Whole Bunch O’Stoke

Day 59, 2014

Wow!  Pretty rad day.  We started out at 12pm doing our first “demo” at Tires Plus on 78th and State Ave.  One of my old friends from GameStop was running the store there and wanted to do an event.  It was pretty good time.  Skated until 2.  We had Ian, Tim from Topeka, and I on boards.  Jacob brought out his drift trike and his quiver of boards, and we had us a good time.  Hell anytime you get to spend two hours skating a parking lot, spreading the good vibes, and just shralping it it is a good time.

When we got back to the shop, it was mentioned that there was some intent on skating Kessler.  Sam told me to go and she could watch the shop some more.  She seemed to be holding it down pretty good so I took the opportunity and headed out for a bonus session.  Normally I mix it up when I head out there, but with a two hour free ride session from the Demo I was in the mood to go fast.   That is just what we did too.  I got to introduce Kessler to Topeka Tim, and we got to skate some more.  Skated about an hour there, then back to the shop to get people set up and rocking.  Sam was doing an awesome job, and I got back in time to set up Javid’s new Pantheon Embryo.  The thought behind the concaves in this board is pure genius.  I had people stand on the board one way, invasion themselves skating it, then I was like ok, go the other way pointed down hill.  Every single time their eyes lit up.  Typically shifted back and forth, and then said they wanted it.  Done deal.  Look for these guys to blow it up in the future.

Stay Stoked

Stoke Challenge Day 58, 2014 My almost missed it social hour skate.

Day 58, 2014

Wow!  What a day.  I have to be honest, if it wasn’t for Ian messaging me about the demo we are putting on tomorrow I might have missed today.  We got in a HUGE! shipment of newness in from Loaded, Orangatang, Skanunu, and Pantheon.  (That new Embryo is the most bad ass concave I have stood on in a long time)  Still getting the biggest part of the shipment checked in, then it is on to merchandising it.

My hour of skate was not intense at all.  As a matter of fact I spent it pushing back and forth on the shop floor messaging, texting, making sure everyone was filled in on what the haps be, answering questions and just living the dream. So it was like I was skating with friends, it’s just they weren’t with me physically.  It’s almost like I have spent the whole day living that delinquent dream, so I almost forgot the rolling part of playing skate boards.  Thanks Ian for reminding me, even though it may not have been his intention I still appreciate it.  My fellow shralper Andrew is on day 58 too.  Keep it up brother!  Well I have at leas another hour to two of work to do, then tomorrow I get to do it all again.  Shralp Life!

Stay Stoked

Stoke Challenge Day 57, 2014 A little busy

Day 57, 2014

It is cold.  Things are picking up at the shop.  As I closed up and sat down to enjoy a nice beer I got and am getting hammered by all sorts of madness on FaceBook.  Then I look up and it is 10pm!  Crap I forgot to write my blog about my hour.  So here it is.  I skated!  Woot!  Back to it lots of good stuff going on, tomorrow is going to be a stoked out madhouse, and I am pumped.  Now to just finish this GOFA so we can send off for everything on Monday!

Sorry nothing deep today.

Stay Stoked

Stoke Challenge Day 56, 2014 Politics

Day 56, 2014

I think I have discovered a few constants with being a small business owner.  Constant 1) You will never have enough money to do everything you want right now 2) You will never have enough time to do everything you want.  Of course the never accept that which is presented as the forever rule in me is still figuring out how to prove this wrong.

As the time grows shorter to when our Grand Opening Fiesta of Awesome is going down our orders bounce back and forth between  for sure, and maybe a bit less.  A few items are locked in and on the way, but the remainder has a weight to it that I did not expect.  So today was inside, skate my hour, get my blog done, and contemplate the greater responsibility of this order.  I worked on manuals, as I felt it more reasonable to work on these, as opposed to yesterday that was completely on just thinking.

The things you learn that you wish you never did.  Let us say a big brand was behind some not cool goings down in it’s adopted home territory.  Then you find out about it via third party.  Now this story and happening get retold consistently from different view points.  Now let us say that at first glance it would be easy for a little shop in Kansas City that carries that brand to say, “Meh.  It doesn’t have anything to do with us.”  The plot thickens though, you are still on the outside, but all the people you associate with are being affected.  You know that if you ignore it and play the “it’s not my problem” card the possibility is there that this company will continue to make the lives of the people you have grown to care about and believe in a lot harder than it needs to be.  You have this choice then.  We all do.  Ignore it, and become a part of the problem, or take a stand.  At first the choice is simple right?

“You guys are acting like douches to my friends, so I am not going to carry your products in our shop.”  Even though people are asking for them.  This is where the rabbit hole can get twisty.  Two seemingly simple choices right?  Not for a Missouri boy.  “Show me.”

When I side with my friends, the bond grows.  Then the questions will be asked.  So what do I say?  I tell my customers or whomever, who isn’t involved the story when they ask why I don’t have Brand X in my store.  Easy right?  The bad guys get what is coming to them, and done, or is it?  While on my on-going quest to spread high fives and positive vibes throughout every single part of the industry that I can, the motivations behind this decision comes into question.  If I am siding with the “good guys”, and spreading the news on what is really going on, is that spreading that message?    So there is some negativity behind it right?  So wouldn’t then the seemingly positive bond that I seek to form and strengthen be laced with negativity?  Don’t get me wrong, the choice is a simple one, but I really want to examine carefully not only the motivations behind it, and the presentation of that choice, but what it really means to do what it is we do.

Basically this is the deal.  I am responsible for the success or failure of my business.  I want to make sure that my motivations and reasons behind the decisions are not based on a herd mentality, even if I agree implicitly with the herd.  Just a bummer that one company and it’s influence stretches past the initial impact of it’s decisions.  I wish them the best, but my business supports those that support the industry as a whole, my business supports those that although may seem they are competition, are just some peeps trying to live the dream like I am.  There is more than enough to go around, especially if everyone brings a pie to the picnic.  So don’t be a dick to people, be nice, have fun, and shralp on.  This was the thoughts going on in my head on this the 56th day of my journey through the year.

Stay Stoked

Stoke Challenge Day 55, 2014 A practice in quiet contemplation

Day 55, 2014

It seems as if each day the list of things to complete and consider is growing faster that the list of the completed.  The rush of the day seems to be over, with no end to that which was started, and the decisions to be weighed seems to be heavier than the outcomes.

Today amidst the rush of all that is and becoming I was determined to practice a part of my craft in the silence of my own mind, with only the backdrop of the city’s heart beat to offer distraction.  I wanted nothing but the internal workings of my mind to be let loose as I pushed across the shop floor.  Something of the white noise of traffic and people talking around me, combined with the distance of being inside, the simplicity of the push and the internal foot traffic of my thoughts to offer solace and maybe direction.  Let the pieces fall as they will, determined to pick them up at the end of my rolling meditation.  Slow, deliberate movements of a push and the serpentine movements to follow.  Breath and breathing regulated in a focused dance of rolling back and forth, and faith that the results would justify the break.  Yet, despite my intentions of organization and prioritization at the end, let the thoughts flow into and out of my mind.  Using the push and carve to work them down and out in their own good time, but still tied to the movement itself.

Much like taking in food at a leisurely pace, feeling it slide down your throat, mouth still awash with flavors, and feel the digestion provide the sustenance your body needs to function, I moved across my shop floor.  Each thought and ideal had it’s time to linger and dissipate.

Stay Stoked