Stoke Challenge 2020: Session #39 Introduction to Dos

I am just going to come out and say it, “I love the Loaded Icarus.”  There, it’s out in the open so I can get to the rest of this post.  That way, if you should make it to the end, there will be no doubt in your mind as to my feelings about the board in general.

For some reason as I reach back into my memory, I don’t even think I have road this board as much this year.  I took it with me to Miami.  It is my favorite board, so why is it that 39 sessions in this board has not graced a mention?  I had to give the other boards in my quiver a shot.  The amount you are going to read me gush about this board may seem a bit like a sales pitch at time.  I am a shop owner, so this is what I do to pay the rent.  I am not sponsored by Loaded, or Paris, or Orangatang.  I am providing links to most of the items in their current versions on our website.  If you want to feel an optimum Icarus set up, I believe this is it.

This particular set up’s name is Dos.  As in the number, as in this is my second Icarus.  I killed the first.  Killed it dead.  I skated it until the concave in the middle was no longer cambered.  This one is well on it’s way there.  I’ve skated all my Icarus set ups with the same 180mm 50° Paris Savant RKP trucks.  The bearings I have in it are the oldest bearings I own, well over 5 years old at this point.  They are the old school Seismic Tekton 7-ball bearings.  Currently a set of 83a Caguamas are serving as the wheels.  Bushings have been the soft Orangatang Nipples for the majority of the time I have rode it.  Tre, the next Icarus I buy, will most likely get a fresh set.  I work a lot of manuals and such so the stock grip on the nose/tail was replaced by a pattern I made out of Seismic Lokton.  I even did a YouTube video about the pattern, if you are curious here is the link, Icarus Nose/Tail Modified Grip.

Today’s session was also kind of a throw back.  Today was the first day this year I have done some board burpees.  Basically it is a burpee, but I am on my board, lol just for fun here is a terrible old video.  While I’m on that subject, notice the video is from 2013…try and find a mention of board burpees before that.  I’m not saying I invented them, but I am saying I am the first to video tutorial them.  That video did not age well.

I did 10 Board Burpees in each stance.  Then moved to a balance routine I came up with around the same time the board burpees came about.  For this session I really took my time, made sure I had my footing, moved slowly and deliberately.  Feels freaking great!!  I feel like I should work this in two or three times a week, so we will see what that does to this 40 year old dad bod.  The remaining 20 minutes I got to play.  I worked cross steps, pirouettes, Peter Pans, pivots, manuals and whatever I could fit into as endless a line as I could manage.  The limitation was that I was mostly just moving back and forth in the shop.  Once again my idea was to work slow and deliberate movements.

The Icarus may have been designed as just a carving board, but the way it moves under foot demands dance and freestyle movements.  With each pump and carve the flex of board beckons to be explored by stepping on it in different directions and places.  Every shifted orientation of the foot gives you a carve with it’s own ideas and methods of moving around it’s environment.  My head swims with the possibilities.  2016 was the first time I took it to Broadway Bomb, and even though I experimented with a different deck one time since then, it will be my Broadway Bomb board from this point on.  Traffic surfing in NYC is a meditation of overstimulation, and the Icarus moves where I move the way it needs to move to handle it.  I don’t have to look down, I know where I am at on the board, and it feels what I want and makes it happen.

I have taken it well over 30 MPH cranking down the local easies.  The wheels are broke in enough to allow carves to finish in speed checks with confidence, but they are too slidey for garages.  If I wanted to be mean I guess I could switch to the 77a, but then I might not ride my current garage board again.

I have even started a group on Facebook called Bamboo Feathers.  Currently the group is still in development, but it is a group dedicated to riding the Icarus, and fans of the board.  In my mind it is where a rider can go to find fresh dance steps to try.  Where people can share their set ups.  Get together, and just grow the user base.  My buddy Clark even came up with a sick name for an Icarus rider, The Icarusai.  Think samurai, but Icarus riders.

Ok.  This is more like a love letter to the Icarus and not so much how I skated, but I now in the next hundred plus post of me riding this board you won’t have to listen to it again.

Thanks for reading.


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